732-539-2765 Google’s Firebase mobile platform is all set to to help iOS and Android users


Google has recently launched its Firebase mobile platform that will allow Android and iOS devices users to use apps when they are offline and not connected to internet. This platform has appeared like something incredible and innovative as now you will be able to enjoy your favorite apps while you are not connected to internet.

With advancements in cloud technology, Google is planning to set up platform like Firebase to support offline working of apps. Firebase is designed to deliver back-end cloud services for mobile devices on web applications, static hosting, user authentication and lots of other functions will be performed by this cloud service.

  • Firebase works by developing a local copy of your data into your device and allows you to use it whenever you like no matter whether you are connected to internet or not.
  • The copy of data will be resynchronized when you will go online again.
  • Best thing about Firebase platform is that it is available for both Android and iOS devices which means that it is going to be used with both major operating system’s SDK’s.

Firebase was acquired by Google six months ago and here at 7325392765 technologies we believe it is perfect for chats, Newsfeeds, comments, gaming and lots of other functions. Google is not setting out this service for free but they will charge a little bit of amount from users as well as developers. Google has planned to set different fees for bandwidth usage ratios. Google is continuously making its ground in mobile tech niche and they are acquiring whatever comes in their way of going higher and higher. Firebase is going to be an innovative service that will certainly change the way developers were developing apps and games for Android and iOS devices.

Android Pay VS Apple pay- 3 no bull points about industry rivals


Android Pay VS Apple pay- 3 no bull points about industry rivals

Google is about to take up Apple with its very own payment system this fall and that is why we have listed top 3 things you should know about both these services and how they differ from each other.

1-Android Pay is available for Kitkat & higher Android users but Apple Pay is just for iOS 8 users

In order to run Android Pay on your Android device you will be required to download the official Android Pay app, Android 4.4 (kitkat version)or higher. The API’s required to run Android Pay require you to have at least Android 4.4 and any devices running 4.3 or lower versions will stay out of the league for this amazing product. However, on the other hand most of the old models of iPhone are still able to run iOS8 and they can easily make use of Apple Pay. But the problem is that touch ID is a must to use Apple pay and for that you can only use iPhone 5s or higher versions to enjoy this service.

2-Adroid Pay does not directly used your credit card-but its done in some other way

Apple Pay directly makes use of your credit card information to process tokens sent to merchants however no such scene is available in Android Pay. Both systems are trying to survive in this area and we are still looking forward to see new updates in this niche.

3-Apple Pay is facing no threat from Android Pay

Apple Pay and Android Pay are both designed to meet needs of two different lots of users. While Android Pay is going to host the huge number  of Android device owners, it is never going to grab customers of Apple Pay. This is because Apple Pay is specifically designed to meet needs of iOS users and iOS users are in no way going to switch to Android just for the sake of using Android Pay.